A guide to Australia’s transportation


There are 3 ways to reach Australia first is by air. Nobody is allowed here without a visa. Those who live in New Zealand can enter into Australia simply though with visas issued upon entrance. Most international flights land in Sydney. Secondly, you can come here by land. Get on the bus from London to Singapore with Ozbus and then fly while the bus is shipped over.  Know that if you then intend to drive in Australia the distances can be anything from 10 to 50 hours varying on which cities you want to travel between. Another way is obviously by sea. There are many cruises from Australia with Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and the Holland America Line.

Transportation system in Australia is very good. There are public and private transportations. Public transportation includes buses, trams and trains. Bus travel is the most common way because they go almost all over and many bus tickets allow you to get on and get off on any route that if that is your destination. There is a complete network of bus routes on the more heavily travelled routes between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and up the east coast to Cairns making it a low-cost way to get around. Once you start to head west from Adelaide there are fewer options and towns are way more far ahead. Scheduled buses are usually economical and run more regularly. Sydney adopted steam trams in the 1860s, which were operated by the state government and Melbourne adopted cable trams, which were owned by the local government but functioned originally by a private company.

The most livable city in the world, Melbourne has the biggest tram network in the world and its trams have become part of the city’s culture and distinctiveness due to their long history and now there are more than 500 trams in the city. Tram lines and companies worked in numerous towns of Western Australia. They were mainly for coal and timber and also for public services. Trams operated in the cities and towns of Leonora, Fremantle, Perth and Kalgoorlie.

For trains, you can buy ticket online. They have the name listed and you can choose the one you want like Australind, AvonLink, The Ghan, Gulflander, Indian Pacific, XPLORER, XPT etc. You can see the route because they have a map and even if the website do not have a map you know where you want to go and from where in Australia. For traveling by train, one should know that it is divided into 7 regions. Trans Australia is from Darwin to Adelaide or from Perth to Sydney. Western Australia is for southern area of Western Australia from Perth, east to the gold mines of Kalgoorlie or south to Bunbury.

Northern Territory, South Australia three trains journey through South Australia, from the wilderness and the peaks into the city of Adelaide. Queensland, 8 trains explore city of Brisbane along the tropical north and into the outback. New South Wales & ACT, 3 trains travels from Broken Hill to the Blue Mountains, Sydney to Canberra, the northern coast and into the outback. Victoria, 2 trains travel to the northern and western parts, traveling between the city of Melbourne into New South Wales or South Australia.

You can also buy or rent a car for daily use or for traveling. Having a car is not an inexpensive way. Traveling by bus or trams or trains has its advantages because when many people are traveling all together, the roads are less congested. Less car means less pollution and public transport do not cost much. The environment is not polluted that much. Taxis are also there. To drive, you need to be over 18 and have a local license if you are staying less than 6 months and Australia’s license or international if you are staying more than that.

It is not a difficult task to drive there. Most travelled routes are Melbourne-Sydney and Sunshine Coast-Brisbane-Gold Coast.  You can also buy a plane ticket and fly from one place to another such as: New South Wales, Melbourne and Sydney. No matter how they are travelling in Australia people should always be careful and prevent any injuries or accidents.

Best city to live in Australia


Melbourne, which is Australia’s second largest city, is the best city to live in Australia. Melbourne has an amazing history and we can know about them from the sites like the Athenaeum Theatre which is one of the first public organizations and had been the main place of the Melbourne Opera. Conservatory was built on the year 1930. It is comprised of five distinct floral displays. It is thought to be a dynamic part of Melbourne’s promise for horticulture. Flinders Street railway station was the first railway station and the most crowded station in the late 1920s. The La Trobe’s Cottage was built in 1839 and it gives a vision into early colonial domestic construction and living arrangements. There are many other places that you can visit that were built so long ago.

Top 10 Safest City

The most important thing is it is a safe place. Melbourne is listed in the Top 10 safest cities of the world. The City of Melbourne introduced a CCTV system in the city in 1997. The Safe City Cameras Program (SCCP) has functioned continuously since that time. The cameras run in areas where illegal activities or criminal activity are more likely to happen. The cameras are connected to a control center running 24 hours a day. When something wrong is captured by the cameras and police is notified as just then.

People are warm and cordial. Its ethnic diversity is what that makes it even better. Melbourne is one of the most diverse cities in the world with populations of over 150 of the world’s people represented including people from Greece, Vietnam, Somalia, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia,  the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, India and more. The city is clean. Your house can also be clean by taking help from Duct Cleaning and other cleaning services. 60% of all the illnesses are caused by bacteria infected polluted interior duct air. Dirty central air duct system can cause asthma particularly to children and the elderly. Duct cleaning also cleans any dead rats or insects providing you a beautiful home.

Efficient Transportation

The transport system is very efficient. They have trams, buses and trains and the tram network is the largest in the world. There are many places to visit like restaurants, theatres, beach and shopping malls. They have great food.  You can have Doughnuts at $4 each, Barbecue and fried wings. You can visit restaurants like 8 bit for burgers and Thai food at Jinda Thai. Chadstone in Melbourne is a huge shopping emporium with many of the world’s top brands. Bourke Street Mall has brands such as David Jones, Driza-Bone, Spanish brand Zara and Jack London. Melbourne Central is in the heart of the city and has over 350 shops. Chapel Street is a must for great boutique, shopping and great food. Along with boutiques there are the common Op shop supplies where you can get great retro items at low prices.

Close to Melbourne, kangaroos can be seen in the You Yang Ranges, and even in the Yarra and Dandenong ranges. Melbourne Zoo is located in Royal Park around 3.5km north of the city center. The Zoo has more than 300 types of animals from all over the world. Melbourne Zoo opened in 1862 on the Royal Park location and is Australia’s first zoo. Melbourne Zoo was sculpted on London Zoo with formal Victorian gardens. Long time back animals were housed in old circus cages and now they are kept free roaming around in green land. Healesville Sanctuary is the best place to see kangaroos, snakes, lizards emus, koalas, wombats, frogs, tree kangaroo and platypus, is about an hour drive away from the city.

Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world. It is has the best sporting events. For those whose passion is sports this is the right place whether it is tennis, netball or basketball. Melbourne is a cultural city with many festivals.  They have music festival where they play French music, alternative, rock and pop. They also have film festival and food and wine festival. Visit Melbourne because it is the best city in Australia.

Tips for studying in Australia


Nowadays, students prefer going abroad for higher studies. They explore the several options they have: United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. With a beautiful scenery and peaceful culture, Australia is a standard place hence it is high on the list for international students. The government spends more than $200,000,000 annually in international scholarships.

Here are few tips for studying in Australia:

  • Do research online
  • Submit application to University
  • Open a bank account
  • Consider doing part-time job

Do research online

Firstly, websites will help you a lot like www.studyinaustralia.gov.au, www.studying-in-australia.org/ and www.gostudy.com.au. Make sure you know where and what you want to study there. Australia has seven universities registered among the world’s top 100 according to the most recent QS World University Rankings, they are Australian National University, Canberra position 27, University of Melbourne, Melbourne position 31, University of Sydney, Sydney position 38, University of Queensland, Brisbane position 43, University of New South Wales, Sydney position 52, Monash University, Melbourne 69, University of Western Australia, Perth in number 84. After you are done deciding on the course and institution check entry requirements.

To meet this obligation, you must have completed at least two academic years study or more than one qualification which is equivalent to a total period of at least two academic years study. IELTS is important if you are thinking about Australia. Try to speak in front of mirror and fix the way you speak. This will help you. Studyau.com is a site that can help those who are preparing for IELTS.

Submit application to University

Secondly, submit your application to the university you chose. Entry requirements you will need for both institution application and your visa application include educational requirements, English language requirements, funds to support your study and foreign student health insurance. Keep all your certificates with you, all your report cards and other certificates that you earned for extra work like cleaning the streets. When you receive the letter that they are taking you, apply for your visa. There are few types of student visas, the one perfect for you depends your course such as vocational training, English language course, graduate degree etc. For details on student visa this website will help. (Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Classes start from February, July and October. If you are registering for February, do it by November.

Open a bank account

If you are staying for more than 6 months in Australia for studies, open a bank account, in that way you can escape the bizarre fees you face drawing out money with your home bank and some Australian bank accounts actually have a decent interest rate. This would be particularly useful if you have a part time work. You can save a lot of money there. The interest will help your money grow over time. The type of account you open, be certain to check what fees are involved.

Consider doing part-time job

Finally, you need to think about the cost of living and how you manage it. The answer is part-time jobs. Studying in Australia is more affordable than other choices; approximate living expenditures are AU$10,000 to $20,000 per year. Undergraduate course fees range from AU$11,000 to AU$17,000 per year. Graduate course fees on average range from AU$11,000 to AU$19,000 per year.

International students can work as data entry staff, warehouse staff, waiting and bar staff, retail staff and call center phone operators. These are all jobs that offer part-time shifts and you can work whenever you want and study properly. Be sure when you apply to a job.

Overall enjoy your learning

You should be aware of scammers who impersonate officers to collect unlawful fines. The Australian method to career and technical education is now known as among the best and most inventive in the world. It has a worldwide reputation for superiority in all areas of education and preparation. Australian universities are widely recognized for brilliance in many disciplines. Institutions bring useful and career-orientated training so students who completed the university course can be sure they have the skills needed.

How to find a great property in Australia

Property in Australia

Do bear in mind the climate factor when choosing the place as some areas are very hot during May, June and July. Some places rain a lot. Australia had to go through from a ‘correction’ around four years ago, but improved to post annual house price rises at a modest rate for the past three years. Property price rises are decreasing but there is less buyer interest in the market, so for those who are thinking of buying, are in luck. Statistics suggest that the rate of economic tightening in Australia is less than in many other industrialized countries, so the recession may be less dangerous there than in other places.

Valuing a real estate is tricky

The value of a company is clear when buying share, real estate is harder to price, this gives you the chance to buy an asset below its real market price if you are persevering and well-informed. You need to do research and you will know which one to buy and which one not to when you see it. Never think of buying real estate in a place that you do not know, mainly when you are approached by real estate marketing companies as they result in the price of the property being increased.

Understanding the mortgage system

There are a number of different types of mortgages available. Loans can help get you a great property. Banks only take 80% of the rental income into account when working out whether you can afford an investment loan because costs like letting fees and vacancy rates are there. There are many choices when it comes to financing your property so do research and take advice as it will be important for your comfort and living. People spend too much time researching mortgages looking forward to save a few dollars a month whereas they could spend that time on finding their local real estate market where much bigger gains can be had. To find out more about mortgage, check out YourMortgage.com.au.

Finding the perfect property

Pick a location where you think will develop in the next 10 years. The place at present might be cheap because it is not developed but in the next 10 to 20 years the price might double. Choose a place where transport is easily available as buying a car is expensive. Public transport is of a very high standard with trams, buses and trains. Taxis are there for a comparatively low cost.

One good thing about a new-build property offers is that you do not need government permission to buy it. Developers have a habit to gain FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) approval so that they are able to sell a maximum of 50 per cent of the structure to newcomers, which make purpose-built developments very standard.

Hiring a buyer advocate or real estate agent may help lower the cost. The minute they walk through the door they can tell the price because they have a lot of experience. They know whether a specific house is priced more than the usual or underpriced. They have all the data about every property for sale. They will help you deal with the paperwork.

Availability of public utilities is very important for daily life that is water, gas, sewer, electricity, phone etc. Nobody wants a property where the electricity is not stable or cannot get access to clean water.  You need to understand there are many options so do not worry. Know your budget and ask your agent to find homes within that budget. The properties you are buying make sure you know its history. Ordering a “Records Search & Risk Assessment” (RSRA) from a local environmental consultant will help. These usually cost $400 to $600 and they will do a high level study and investigation of the environmental risk of contamination on any property.

Best advise: Hire an Expert

We have learned the tough way that there are some very necessary things that should be looked at before signing the papers to buy a new property.  You will need someone expert do a checkup and look over the place to make sure you are making the right choice.

Cost of motorcycle accessories in Australia

motorcycle australia

In Australia, you can do just about any upgrade to your motorcycle. You choose which parts to upgrade and in what order you will do it. What you need is to purchase the parts that you need the most and fix them to your motorcycle. The types of accessories you need to purchase are greatly influenced by their prices. Here are the prices of different accessories in Australia.

The common motorcycle accessories

  • Helmets
  • Men and women leather coats
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Motorcycle bag
  • Motorcycle gloves


Helmets come in different sizes, colour, price, and shapes. A helmet is a vital accessory for any rider to shield you from advance weather, head injuries in case of an accident or it can have a camera that will record your fun moments. In Australia, helmets price depends on the type of the helmet. You can get a helmet with prices ranging from $50 to $350.

Men and women leather coats

At the Cost of $584.95, you will get a completely offered, premium cowhide execution and game riding coat. The GP Pro consolidates deliberately situated accordion stretch supplements to offer radiant levels of solace and flex fit – on and off the bicycle. Its extraordinary defensive capacities could increase by Bionic security embellishment redesigns for a coat that is as rough and sturdy as it is stylish. Continued solace under changing climate conditions with superb ventilation is difficult to attain in a ventilated coat because at whatever point the temperature drops, the wearer quickly feels icy.

For this situation, the Air-Frame coat offers the best result by consolidating the ventilation attained by plentiful embeds in cross section with security against the chilly air offered by a strikingly lightweight wind bamboozling addition. It gives sufficient modification potential outcomes, coat jeans securing compress, homologated defenders and a pocket for a G-sort back defender.

Motorcycle boots

The DRONE tm is developed with top notch materials picked for their weight, quality and worth. Enhanced plastics are thicker where backing and support are required and decreased in non-basic ranges. The go for between $149 and $350. You can order a pair online.

Motorcycle bag

With between $100 and $200, you will get this sack has a general fit. It will fit any cruiser with a sissy bar on it. This sack has a pocket on the back. Simply slip it over the sissy bar and tighten utilizing the ties and straps with brisk discharge. These ties and straps come appended with the sack. Our sack might be turned around to give space for the traveler!

Motorcycle gloves

Gloves are an important accessories for any serious riders. If you are looking at long journeys then getting a quality motorcycle glove is necessary to ensure a comfortable ride. It could be hard to find the perfect glove especially if you are new as figuring out the sizing of the gloves are tricky.

In any case, there are a lot of useful resources that you can find online. One such resource is this website.

Owned a unique motorcycle

In the entirety, there are such a variety of sublime bike accomplices to look over, you unquestionably can make your motorcycle look unique, regardless of the fact that it is one of thousands that are composed precisely the same when you buy it. Some bike frills are non-compulsory and some you have to buy without exemption.

Playing billiard in Australia

Billiard is an established pastime and sport in Australia. It has a presence both at home and in bars as well. Families pass down the enjoyment of this game to the next generations. Friends bond over a game of pool and beer. It is a great game to pick up. Moreover, many Australians have also achieved great success in the sport domestically and internationally.

BilliardCompetitive play

Billiard is a well-recognized sport in Australia. One of the most successful billiard players internationally, Walter Lindrum, is an Aussie himself. The Australian Billiards and Snooker Council (ABSC) oversees the competitive aspect of billiards in Australia. Billiard associations all around the country are affiliated to the ABSC. To enter the ABSC, you must have attained a certain placing in tournaments. There are definitely many opportunities to pursue billiard competitively and even as a career. Upon joining the ABSC, you get the chance to represent Australia in international and regional competitions.

If you wish to get started in billiard competitively, you can look for your state’s affiliated state association and search for clubs in your locale from there. You should be able to get into contact with Australian Sports Commission accredited billiard instructors through your clubs. Or you could also read up on useful billiard websites.

Playing at home

Many people have a billiard table at home. The table is a great investment, as it can be passed down as a family heirloom for many generations. It retains its luster and value over the years, allowing it to be sold at a decent price later if you no longer find enjoyment from it (which is highly unlikely). If you play pool often and are financially secure, investing in a billiard table would be a great option.

Pool Table

Purchasing your very own pool table in Australia is relatively easy because there are many table manufacturers and distributors around Australia. This makes it convenient for you to check out the pool table yourself before any purchase. Many of these places also offer some form of warranty and help to deliver, advise and set up the pool table for you.  Do check with the manufacturer or distributor if they offer such services.

Some manufacturers you can check out include:

It would also be wise to get second-hand equipment if you are not willing to splurge. Pool tables are built to last so getting used pool tables does not compromise too much on the quality. You can browse gumtree.com.au, ebay or Amazon for ads selling used pool tables in Australia but avoid making purchases before looking at the table beforehand.

Play in a bar

If you are itching to play billiard but don’t have a pool table, then drop by a nearby bar. Most bars have billiard equipment charged at a small fee. Call up a few friends, order a few beers and you are set. Billiard is a very popular pastime in Australia so most bars should have bar tables for your enjoyment.

Billiard Table

There are many routes for a billiard player in Australia. You can be the pro in your family or a world champion. Whether you look upon billiard as a way to de-stress, or a way to get stressed, it is hard to deny how awesome billiard is.

Best fishing spots in Australia

Australia is a fisherman’s heaven. Almost every coastline that encircles Australia teems with life and every location provides its own unique fishing experience.

There are great fishing spots for the kayak fisherman, the boat fisherman and the land angler. There are some spots that offer nicer scenery and others that boast the greatest variety of fishes.

That’s why it is so hard to narrow down the best fishing spots in Australia. But, I have done it anyway. While this list is not definitive and certainly not exhaustive, the spots chosen are some of the best in their respective regions.

Exmouth, WA

Exmouth, the world’s greatest fringing reef, is known to have one of the greatest diversity of marine life and fishes in Australia and even the world. Expect to reel in the likes of mahi mahi, coral trout and sailfishes regularly. Exmouth is also friendly for both boat-based and land-based fishing thus it is perfect for kayak fishing for beginners. The Ningaloo coastline at Exmouth has been declared as a World Heritage Marine Park, which means the authorities are actively protecting and preserving the area. Hopefully, we get to enjoy this great fishing spot for many more years to come.


Fraser Island, Qld

Fraser Island offers great catches all year round. Tailors congregate here from July to September and you can also expect to haul in many other species in the rest of the year such as mackerels and tuna. Look out for sharks as well! You can also exploit the availability of fresh bait around Fraser Island. Fraser Island is a World Heritage site with a history steeped in Aboriginal heritage. Not only do you get a rewarding fishing experience, you can also immerse yourself in the beautiful scenic landscape, dotted with diverse flora and fauna and lined with coloured sand cliffs.

Fraser Island

Grampians, Vic.

For freshwater fishing, Grampians is the spot. There are rivers and lakes aplenty for your pick. The Wimmera River offers a wide range of fishes from golden perches to carps. In fact, the Wimmera River is the only place in Victoria where it is not illegal to catch and keep freshwater catfish that are over 30cm. There is also a great population of brown trout in the Mackenzie River and redfish in the Glenelg and Wannon rivers.

Grampians is also a great spot for flyfishing, particularly on Lake Bellfield where it is teeming with trout and redfish. There are also many other lakes such as Lake Toolondo (for brown trout), Taylor’s lake (for golden perch and Murray cod), Natimuk Lake (for rainbow trout), Lake Wartook (for redfins) and Lake Hamilton (for redfin and trouts) that you will be spoilt for choice.


St. Helens Georges Bay, TA

St Helens is suitable for pier fishing although it is also great for flyfishing and boat fishing. Some species to be found at St Helens are the albacore, Australian salmon, striped marlin, garfish and mako shark amongst many others. The wide diversity and great populations of fishes here has made St. Helens the capital for game fishing in Tasmania.

St Helens Georges Bay

Gove Peninsula, NT

For a peaceful fishing trip along untouched coastlines in the great outdoors, choose Gove Peninsula. Expect to catch some magnificent Barramundi, Red Emperor, Giant Trevally, Cobia and Mangrove Jack. At Gove Peninsula, look forward to trying your hand at different types of fishing, from sports and blue water fishing to wilderness fishing safaris.

Gove Peninsula

Rather than crack your heads over choosing the best spot, why not plan a road trip around Australia to experience all of these awesome locations?

How to get started with archery in Australia

Archery as a sport in Australia and all over the world has been gaining greater traction these days. And no wonder because it is a great sport for training patience, consistency and resilience. It is also great for overall body conditioning.

ArcheryResearch about the sport

Before starting out, you should learn a bit more about the sport, including the types of archery available such as compound bow. Besides the archery you see at the Olympics (called target archery by the way), there are also other disciplines like 3D archery involving shooting at animal-size targets and field archery where you shoot on a roving course.

Archery Australia oversees the following types of archery: target, clout, field, indoor, flight, para, match play and vision impaired archery. Learn more about them here.

Visit a club or contact a coach

To gain an appreciation for the sport before actually committing to it, you can find and contact a club to undertake an Archery Come and Try coaching course. You will be taught by instructors qualified with Archery Australia. To participate in this programme, you will need to be registered as a temporary member. The temporary membership ensures you are insured and permits you to attend lessons at the club.

After you are ready to commit, you can join the club and get in contact with accredited and experienced instructors through the club. You will also need to sign up as a member with Archery Australia first and read up more about archery from reliable compound bow guide.

After joining a club

After getting your newly minted membership card, you might feel the urge to rush into getting your own archery equipment. Proudly owning your own bows and arrows is an exciting prospect. But calm down! It is best to wait until you have completed the course before you splurge on expensive equipment.

Delaying the purchase actually gives you time to know your style and posture and this will help you better ascertain the suitability of the equipment when you finally make the purchase. Also, the threat you pose with your own bow and arrows outside the club reduces significantly once your excitement dies down.

In the meantime, you can rent the archery equipment supplied by the clubs for a small fee. Take advantage of this to try out different models and see which you like best.

Also, take a look at the courses available at the club. Try out the beginner courses first before moving on to more advanced courses. Also, would you prefer individual tutelage or group lessons? Speak to the coach if you are not sure about which courses to take. Also, you can talk to them about your long-term development in the sport.

Archery Party

As a member, you will be allowed to participate in club and national tournaments and events so you should be attending as many of these events as possible.

You stand to gain a lot of insight both as a competitor as well as an observer. Nerves are particularly wrecking in a sport like archery that requires steadiness and precision. Seeing how the advanced archers cope with the stress of the competition and enter ‘Zen’ mode will be quite a learning experience.

You’ll then be able to make a more informed decision between pursuing archery competitively or as a purely recreational activity.

Australia Archery

Picking the right faucets for an Australian home

Faucets are a staple in any home and a crucial factor in jazzing up any kitchen or bathroom. A great waterfall faucet can elevate an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into a great one.

Homegrown or international faucet manufacturer?

Faucet Strommen Logo_Final International Faucet

In Australia, the two biggest faucet manufacturers are Strommen (products designed and produced in Australia), and Kohler (American-based company). Bigger companies have nation-wide presence so it’s easier to visit their showrooms to get a feel of the faucets. Also, they tend to offer a better range of services including post-purchase reparation.

However, it may be safer to go with homegrown companies that manufacture and test their faucets in Australia because you can be sure they will fit the plumbing in your Australian home, although this should not be too much of a concern for reputable international companies.

One-handled, Two-handled or hands-free?

pull-out-sprayDifferent people interact with their faucets differently. Some find it more comfortable to use the one-handled faucet because they can free up one hand to test the temperature of the water while the other hand adjusts the faucet. Others prefer the two-handled faucet so that they can adjust the temperature more precisely. More recently, hands-free sensor operated faucets are gaining popularity because they offer a more hygienic alternative. However, it is slightly more inconvenient as most sensors are still not very sensitive.

The faucet configuration really depends on personal preference. Therefore, it would be ideal to try out the faucet at the nearest showroom before purchasing it.

What’s the faucet for?

If it’s a kitchen faucet, you might wish to install pullout sprays to access tough-to-reach areas of the sink. Another feature to consider are pot fillers. These are wall-mounted faucets placed above the stove so that you need not lug heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove. I tend to prefer higher arc faucets for the kitchen because they make it easier to clean pots and pans.

If it’s for the bathroom, I prefer to install lower arc taps so that fewer splashes are created when the water hits the basin. Unlike in the kitchen, where you may install more faucets on the deck for different features like lotion dispensers or an extra spray (depending on your piping), having one simple faucet in the bathroom will free up more space on the deck for you to place soaps, toothpaste, cups and make-up.

Going Green

Many Australians are more environmentally conscious these days. Besides, there’s no harm saving on water bills as well. To help you reduce water wastage, use faucets that meet Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS). Homegrown companies tend to meet domestic standards while you will need to double-check for international companies.

New FaucetStyle

Angular faucets tend to suit modern designs while curvy faucets give a more vintage style and are much easier to clean. The finish can also add flair to the room.

The finish is also important in determining how often you need to clean your faucet and its durability. Corrosion-resistant finishes like brushed nickel can allow your faucet to last longer. Stain-resistant like matte black or satin brass means you don’t have to clean them too often. Other finishes like polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze are easy to clean. Some finishes like copper even come with antimicrobial properties although it’s harder to maintain its shine.

The best time to barbecue in Australia

Australia has a long and great tradition of barbecue. We put the shrimp on the barbie whenever possible, rain, snow or shine. We just can’t get enough of our meat, the great outdoors and the company of friends and family. Although Australians can and will make any type of weather barbecue weather, it is still helpful to know the ideal time for a barbecue in Australia.

Unless you want to end up like this guys below:

Barbecue in the rain

Summertime = Barbecue time?

BBQMany of us equate the scorching summertime to barbecue time. Summer offers less chance of rain, snow or anything falling from the sky for that matter.  Also, it provides a great opportunity for us to bask in the glorious sun and enjoy the summer breeze.

However, summer is not quite the best time to barbecue in Australia simply because it may be too hot. Barbecues expose us to the hot sun and the hot grill simultaneously. Add them together and you might be basking in 30+ degree Celsius temperatures. In addition, torrential rains and higher levels of humidity actually occur in the summer for some parts of Australia like Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Due to the uncertain weather in Australia, it is advisable and a good investment to get an indoor electric smoker. This way, you can start barbecuing anytime without depending on the weather.

Weather conditions to look out for

2 GuysIt is hard to pin point the best part of the year for barbecues because climates differ so greatly across Australia. However, there are certain weather conditions you can look out for as signs of great barbecue weather. I would say the best time to barbecue is when humidity is low, rainfall is unlikely and temperatures reign at 15-25 degrees Celsius. You will be able to enjoy a cool breeze rather than a hot smack of air but still feel the sun kiss your skin. You will be able to spend hours outside by the grill without breaking a sweat or dying for a shower.

However, you will need to run some checks to find out when this type of weather conditions occur in your region. In Sydney, the best time would be in spring (August to September). In Brisbane where winters are dry, mild and pleasant, barbecues may be ideal around September when winter is leading into spring. For Darwin, which has a sub-tropical climate, October-April should be avoided due to the heavy rains and lightning storms, while June-July is ideal for barbecues. Check out more weather details from the experts here.

The best day to barbecue

If you are waiting for a particular day to have that awesome Aussie BBQ, then hold your spatulas for Australia Day on the 26th January. This is when everyone brings out the grill to cook up some patriotism. Having a barbecue on this day is the greatest way to immerse in the Australian spirit and enjoy the best of Australia’s produce, from her juicy beefsteaks to the luscious butter. The BBQ atmosphere on this day is unparalleled.

barbecue day

This day may not be ideal in terms of weather. In Darwin and Gold Coast for instance, you could be in the middle of a rainy season. However, that is the beauty of holding your barbecue on this day. Rain or snow, dry or wet, hot or cold, every Australian will stick it to the weather and resume barbecuing their shrimps (and awesome steak of course). And if you continue your barbecue into the evening, you can enjoy the fireworks amidst the aroma of grilling steak and the company of friends and family. Barbecue is afterall an Australian pastime.

BBQ Day Australia